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The Shark Online Slot Paying Out Frequently

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

When it comes to online slots, there is always a debate about whether it’s better for a slot to pay out often or pay out in large amounts. With progressive slots especially, the less often it pays out the bigger the jackpot when someone does hit it. While that may be a great deal for the person who hits the jackpot, it’s not so good for those who play it and get nothing back. Online slots that pay out more often, even though they don’t make anyone rich, reward more players for their business. One such example is The Shark, a new progressive slot found at Cherry Red Casino.

The Shark is earning a reputation for paying out on a regular basis. Combine that with the low cost of playing – the game is played with $.01 coin denominations – and it’s quickly becoming a hit with online gamers in the struggling global economy. In tough times like these, many people want to turn to a sure thing. While there are no sure things when it comes to gambling – if there was, it wouldn’t be a gamble – online slots that pay out frequently and have a low playing cost are as close as it comes.

The Shark is designed by Real Time Gaming, one of the world’s leading online casino software providers. In addition to its high payout frequency and low denomination, The Shark also has a free mode, where players can give it a try without putting any money down.

To play The Shark, visit Cherry Red Casino today.

Online Slot Wealth Spa with Unique Bonus

Friday, August 21st, 2009

It seems like when it comes to online slots, all of the bonus rounds are the same. They are triggered automatically based on a combination of symbols appearing on the reels, usually involving scatter symbols or wild symbols. Wealth Spa, a new online slot that debuted at All Slots online casino last week, does things a little differently, though. In this progressive slot, the bonus rounds are not triggered randomly. Instead, they can be purchased. This make it more of a gamble for players, but it also increases the stakes of the bonus rounds, making them more exciting.

There are five different bonus games that can be purchased in Wealth Spa are they can be purchased when players receive the token symbol. When the reels have one token, the player can purchase a bonus game for one token. When there are 2 tokens, the player can purchase a bonus game for the price of 2 tokens, and so on. The bonus games increase in complexity and potential winnings along with the price, so players are rewarded for using 5 of their tokens to purchase a bonus game rather than being stingy and avoiding the bonus. All Slots believes that the idea of wagering on bonus games will prove to be popular among gamblers. After all, if they didn’t like gambling they probably wouldn’t be visiting online casinos, would they?

All of the bonus games are based on health spa experiences, such as mixing a smoothie drink, getting a body wax or a massage. Botox is optional. If you enjoy more gambling in your gambling, the Wealth Spa is the perfect online slot for you. To play it, visit All Slots online casino today.

Golden Casino Progressive Slot Reaches Record

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Right now, for better or worse, Golden Casino’s progressive slots are not paying out. While it’s bad that the jackpots aren’t paying out in short intervals right now, the good news is that means they have high jackpots, so whoever does win will be a very happy gamer. Golden Casino has set a new personal record for their online slot jackpots, amounting to over $2.4 million earlier this week.

Some online casinos don’t like to promote high jackpots on their progressive slots, because it says that they’re not paying out often, but Golden Casino has taken the opposite approach, playing up the fact that winners will win big. Just like with the lottery, each time the pot gets larger, more and more people dream of taking home the big bucks.

The summer months are traditionally rather slow for online casinos in regards to tournaments and other promotions, so promoting their high jackpots for the online slots is likely a good plan. Golden Casino is known more for their freeroll slot tournaments than for their progressive slots, but right now, in a market that is struggling in a recession, any promotion is a good promotion.

Red, White and Win: Patriotic Slot Machine Hits Jackpot

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

This month, online gamblers have been paying a lot of attention to games with patriotic themes, which makes sense. With our Independence Day on the fourth of this month, what better way to celebrate our country’s sovereignty than by risking some of your money with the hope that you can turn it into more? After all, isn’t that capitalism? Well, actually no, because capitalism is based more on hard work and business sense than luck, but it’s similar enough that online gambling seems patriotic. In fact, gambling is more like investing all of your money in the same stock, which brokers say not to do. But consider yourself patriotic anyway and celebrate capitalism while it still exists in America.

With the attention being paid to patriotic-themed games, players have been watching the Red, White and Win online slot machine, designed by Vegas Technology, very closely. This interest was also due to the fact that the progressive slot, which increases its jackpot as more people play it, was nearing the $1 million mark. Red, White and Win, a three-reel and one-payline online slot, pays out whenever the player gets three American flags across the reels. Because it’s a progressive slot, it pays out a percentage of the jackpot based on how many coins the player wagers. The payout is 5% of the total amount of the player wagers one coin and 10% if the player wagers two coins. The player wins the entire amount if they wager three coins.

Red, White and Win reached $997,740 over the weekend before a player hit the jackpot. However, since the player wagered only one coin, instead of winning $997,740, the player only won $49,887. That’s a decent payout to be sure, but I’m sure the player is second guessing betting only one coin. Let me just say this now: If you are playing a progressive slot machine, always wager the maximum number of coins. Wagering the minimum is a technique that gamblers call “being stupid.” Now I’ll get off my soapbox.

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