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RTG’s Baseball-Themed Online Slots Swing for Fences

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

After releasing 6 new games last month, RTG has followed that up by launching King of Swing last week. The new online slot machine has nothing to do with Studio 54 or Adult Friend Finder. It’s a baseball-themed game. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig may cringe at the thought of associating his sport with gambling, but that’s exactly that Real Time Gaming (RTG) has done. Seamheads and other fans of America’s national pastime now have a favorite site for their online slots. Just don’t get any pine tar on the keyboard.

King of Swing is a 5-reel, 25-payline online slot that is filled with symbols associated with baseball: batting helmets, bats, hot dogs, gloves, cleats, etc. RTG decided against using images of hypodermic needles, chewing tobacco, or drunken Cubs fans passed out in the bleachers. There are 2 wild symbols in the game: a pitcher, which appears in reels 1 through 5, and a batter, which triples payout when in a winning combination but is only found on reel 5.

King of Swing has a random progressive jackpot common to RTG games. The highest fixed jackpot is 1,500 coins, unless it is achieved with a batter symbol, which increases the payout to 4,000. King of Swing also features a bonus game, which is triggered anytime the pitcher symbol appears anywhere on reel 1 while the batter symbol is on reel 5. In the bonus game, the player is taken to a baseball diamond, where he controls a batter and tries to hit pitches. If he whiffs, the player gets 1 free spin. If he gets a hit, the type of hit determines the number of free spins, with a single awarding 1 spin, a double awarding 2 spins, and so on. So if you want a lot of free spins, try to make better contact than Alphonso Soriano.

King of Swing is bound to be popular among American gamblers, unless they’re communists that prefer sports like soccer. Online slots are a fun way to spend some time and if you’re a baseball fan like me, a baseball-themed slot game is better still. So take a break from booing A-Rod and win some coins.

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