Betclick Won’t Comment on Everest Rumor

Posted on: September 24th, 2009 12:29 pm | By: Jeremy Schrute

Anyone who has ever gone to school knows how crazy rumors can spread. It starts with someone seeing you talking with Ms. Jameson after class and then before you know it the whole school is reporting that you are getting special lessons “Hot For Teacher” style. It’s the kind of thing that makes the reputation of a young man and leads to the firing and arrest of the lovely teacher. Poor Ms. Jameson.

A recent poll* found that 42% of people believe the story about Richard Gere and the gerbils. The same poll found that 65% of the country believes that Timothy Geithner is part elf and 83% of the country believes that I am amazing in bed. Only one of those three has been confirmed.

It seems that the online gambling community is not immune to the spread of rumors. For some time, people have been talking about the possibility of Betclick buying out Everest Poker. Recently, though, the rumor has gotten stronger, with at least one media outlet reporting that a deal between the two would be announced next month. When asked about that, Betclick refused to comment. Of course, that is only fueling more speculation that the report is accurate.

Betclick, a company that primarily deals with sports betting, would certainly benefit from acquiring Everest Poker. They are not the only suitor, though. PartyGaming, among other online casinos, have been in talks with Everest. Only time will tell if the rumor is true. In the meantime, I might as well start another rumor. Have you heard that Bodog casino is owned by communists?**

*Note: This poll was unscientific poll and only people in my office were surveyed.

** This should go without saying, but I made up that rumor. To my knowledge, there is no truth to it. But then again, I can’t disprove it, either…

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